mutes, muting, muted
1) ADJ Someone who is mute is silent for a particular reason and does not speak.

He was mute, distant, and indifferent...

I threw a mute look of appeal at Paula.

Derived words:
mutely ADV ADV with v

I crouched by him and grasped his hand, mutely offering what comfort I could.

ADV: ADV after v
Mute is also an adverb.

He could watch her standing mute by the phone... He sat mute, speechless with ecstasy, gazing into the sky.

2) ADJ Someone who is mute is unable to speak. [OLD-FASHIONED]

Marianna, the duke's daughter, became mute after a shock.

3) VERB If someone mutes something such as their feelings or their activities, they reduce the strength or intensity of them.

[V n] The corruption does not seem to have muted the country's prolonged economic boom.

Derived words:

The threat contrasted starkly with his administration's previous muted criticism...

The financial markets gave a muted response to the Democrats' triumph.

4) VERB If you mute a noise or sound, you lower its volume or make it less distinct.

[V n] They begin to mute their voices, not be as assertive...

[V n] At first the wooded hillsides muted the sounds.

Derived words:

`Yes,' he muttered, his voice so muted I hardly heard his reply...

There were muted cheers from the public gallery.

5) N-COUNT A mute is a device which can be used to make a musical instrument produce a quieter, softer sound.

English dictionary. 2008.


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